A Veterans Prayer

All gracious God, You have given me all I am and have. Now I offer it back to you, to stand under your will alone. I am one of many that answered the call to serve my country, and in so doing, experienced sacrifice and witnessed human suffering in fulfilling my patriotic duty. I pray that you give me the wisdom and courage to seek, obtain and portray your merciful image to veterans who are suffering physically and mentally. Strengthen my faith that I may see you and your love in everything, and to share this reinforced faith with veterans who are longing for your divine mercy. Grant that I may be a source of refuge and peace to my veteran brothers and sisters who seek consolation and rest from their scars that we do not see.  I pray for those presently serving our country, that they be blessed with your holy spirit to protect them and guide them in America’s battle for liberty and our way of life. Comfort their families and provide them hope and courage as they await their loved ones safe return. For those families whose sons and daughters made the ultimate sacrifice, we pray they find solace in your healing embrace.  Finally, Lord, may my heart expand in love for you and all people. May it rest secure and grateful in serving those who have served and are serving the country which you have abundantly blessed.

(Ben Cardenas 2010)