Our mission is to provide military personnel, (all active duty, reserve, inactive and retirees) with weekend spiritual retreats, access to faith formation resources, access to any and all Federal Government resources for dissemination of entitled veteran services and benefits, for involvement within their community through other activities, to develop a network of peers and for their personal healing and growth.


In August of 2008 the idea of having a retreat for Military Veterans was born. A parishioner of St. Mary Magdalen had a son who was in need of conversation about his military experiences. He did not want to attend an ACTS retreat because he was leery about sharing with non-military personnel. He felt he would be more comfortable among other military members. After meeting with the pastor, Fr Joseph Mary Marshall, it was agreed that St. Mary Magdalen would become the home base for the group. January 2009 brought a committee of seven together to develop all the details of what the retreat would provide and accomplish. Our goals were to:


  • Provide a retreat for all members of the military, retired and active.
  • Provide a platform to rekindle the spirit of your military experience.
  • Provide information about services available to veterans.
  • Provide a safe atmosphere for personal healing, if needed, through sharing.
  • Provide a better understanding of religious life.
  • Provide a forum for prayer and contemplation.
  • Provide involvement in community and church organizations.

It is our prayer intention that each retreatant will discover a better understanding of Gods Love and purpose for each of us.

Military Veterans for Christ is composed of all US Military Service Branches, Army, Air Force, Marine, Navy and Coast Guard.

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